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The Stocking Stuffers
Sonoma Coast

The Stocking Stuffers 15' Settler & 15' Farmer - Ernest Vineyards
$66.00   375mL
Green Valley Vineyard & Cleary Ranch 

Small enough to sneak just about anywhere... including a stocking.

2015 Farmer, Chardonnay.
The Farmer showcases the unique character of the Chardonnay Rued Z clone, including a nose of citrus, white flowers and celery salt. The palate is a bit more refined, with a subtle appearance of oak. Focused acidity and a brightness of fruit make this wine one-of-a-kind.

2015 Settler, Pinot Noir.
Aromatically clean and fresh, with notes of roses, summer cherries and red plums. The marked acidity more than efficiently carries the fresh and seductive red fruit profile of the wine throughout the entire experience.

CountryUnited States
AppellationSonoma Coast