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Single Vineyard Rosé Edaphos

Single Vineyard

Ernest Vineyards specializes in site-specific wines. Each of our wines comprises grapes from one vineyard and one vineyard only. For our Ernest labels, we use grapes from seven sites in all. Some sites are well-draining, some are on hillsides. Some face west, some are considered cold-climate. We work closely with growers and vineyard managers at each site to dial-in the farming to adhere to a style that maximizes flavor ripeness while keeping sugars down and acidity high. The result: Wines that are pure expressions of the sites from which they came.
Henry David Vineyard Aligoté 2018 The Aviator - Ernest Vineyards
$36.00   750mL

Henry David Vineyard Aligoté 2018
Bennett Valley

Bright pale-yellow with expressions of unripe fruits, sour apples, lemon blossom, and morning dew. Vibrant and energetic on the palate, with tingling lemony acidity and fresh, lean texture.

Fallenleaf Vineyard Chardonnay 2017 The Jester - Ernest Vineyards
$38.00   750mL

Fallenleaf Vineyard Chardonnay 2017
Sonoma Coast

Brilliant pale-yellow to white gold in color with mineral aromas leading to discreet floral notes, unripe peaches, nectarines, and a touch of sweet almonds. A lingering mélange of bright fruit, minerality and intense acidity provide a refreshing but weighty palate.

Cleary Ranch Chardonnay 2017 The Farmer - Ernest Vineyards
$46.00   750mL

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Cleary Ranch Chardonnay 2017
Sonoma Coast

White gold in hue with an unmistakable tension revealing itself amongst aromatics of bright acidity, pear, and honeydew. Green apples, blood oranges and unripe pears meet a slightly toasted nuttiness on the palate all framed by pronounced acid and complex texture.

Romanini Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017 The Engineer - Ernest Vineyards
$54.00   750mL

Romanini Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017
Sonoma Coast

A pale ruby red color belies a darker fruit expression of plum and cassis with shiitake mushroom on the nose. The complex palate layers red and black fruits, rhubarb, earthy components, with a floral quality and marked acidity and subtle, elegant tannins.

Cleary Ranch Pinot Noir 2017 The Settler - Ernest Vineyards
$58.00   750mL

Cleary Ranch Pinot Noir 2017
Sonoma Coast

Hues of crimson and garnet with roses, raspberries, summer cherries and crushed stones on the nose.  Subtle and assertive on the palate with a persistent rhubarb and pomegranate juiciness married with soft tannins and balanced acidity.

Grand Vent Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017 The Wrangler - Ernest Vineyards
$62.00   750mL

Grand Vent Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017
Petaluma Gap

Deep red and purple tones reveal ripe blackberries and black plums with hints of wild sage, thyme, and damp earth.  An elegant oak frame contains concentrated flavors of black fruits, plum skin, and spicy herbs, an unbashful and powerful expression of Pinot Noir.

Rayhill Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017 The Grandfather - Ernest Vineyards
$68.00   750mL

Rayhill Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017
Sonoma Coast

Darker ruby red in color delivering broad and intense aromas of berries, violets, and wild herbs. Always firm in structure, the tannins bring forth a leathery and spicy texture paired with juicy, concentrated fruit. A fuller-bodied Pinot Noir.

Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2018  - Ernest Vineyards

Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2018
Sonoma Coast

Inspired by an incredible 3-acre property we've just added to the Ernest family, we introduce our first ever appellation Chardonnay. The Joyce Vineyard  is the  coldest site we've encountered  in the  West Sonoma Coast and one day will be an incredible source for sparkling wine. But, there's plenty to anchor our Sonoma Coast Chardonnay along with some blending from our two other cool-climate, maritime-influenced Chardonnay sites.  This wine is 100% sourced and crafted from Ernest's core program without any additional external our bulk wine added for volume.

Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2017  - Ernest Vineyards

Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2017
Sonoma Coast

Ernest's cool-climate, maritime-influenced Pinot Noir program now encompasses 5 vineyards . This appellation blend is a captivating example of the style of Pinot Noir that can be cultivated on the far reaches of the West Sonoma Coast.

Retaining natural acidity and exhibiting a restrained fruit expression, this Pinot Noir is an authentic example of what is possible in cooler climates of California. This blend is sourced and crafted 100% from Ernest's core program and does not include any purchased or bulk wine for volume.


We produce rosé under the Eugenia label; our current release, from the 2019 vintage, include two different wines. One—The Country Wife—is a rosé of cinsault, and is just like all of our other single-vineyard wines, made with grapes from one vineyard and one vineyard only. Another—The Motley—is a rosé of pinot noir, and is a blend from our very coldest pinot noir sites.
San Lucas Vineyard Rosé of Cinsault 2019 The Country Wife - Ernest Vineyards
$22.00   750mL

San Lucas Vineyard Rosé of Cinsault 2019
Central Coast

Starry pale salmon-to-copper hue with fresh aromas of morning dew, wet sand, citrus blossoms. Bright acidity, minerality, and juicy flavors of tangerine, kumquat, and sour apple deliver a complex, energetic, and persistent finish.

Rosé of Pinot Noir 2019 The Motley - Ernest Vineyards
$18.00   750mL

Rosé of Pinot Noir 2019
Sonoma Coast

Seductive aromas of flowers, raspberries, watermelon candy, and river pebbles marry with a light pink hue. Clear and fresh flavors of juicy nectarine, peaches, and unripe strawberries harmonize with the bright acidity and distinctive minerality.

2019 Eugenia Rosé 6 PACK The Country Wife & The Motley - Ernest Vineyards
$120.00   750mL

2019 Eugenia Rosé 6 PACK
Central Coast / Sonoma Coast

Try a Mix Case of our two rosé's under our Eugenia label, a chance to get to know the two unique wines we create to satisfy many palates. One made from Cinsault and the other, Pinot Noir. 

2019 Eugenia & Motley Rosé MIX CASE Country wife and Motley - Ernest Vineyards
$240.00   750mL

2019 Eugenia & Motley Rosé MIX CASE
Central Coast / Sonoma Coast

Try a Mix Case of our two rosé's under our Eugenia label, a chance to get to know the two unique wines we create to satisfy many palates. One made from Cinsault and the other, Pinot Noir. 


In addition to Ernest and Eugenia, we own and operate a third label: Edaphos (pronounced ee-dah-fos). It means “base,” “ground,” and “soil” in Greek; we felt it was a good expression of our attitude behind this winemaking. We consider this part of our business to be our “laboratory,” the place where we make small-lot wines that incorporate new and exciting approaches to winemaking with different styles and off-beat grape varietals. Sometimes we also call it our “sandbox.” The Edaphos strategy enables us to explore, experiment, and apply some of the lessons we learn to wines we make under our other labels. It also allows us to produce different wines whenever we feel like making them.
2017 Aligoté Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$36.00   750mL

2017 Aligoté

Aligoté, related to world-famous Chardonnay, is the other white grape of Burgundy, and is undoubtedly capable of delivering delightful wines. With scant vineyard plantings in California this wine is at once a novelty and a rare treat. 

Concentrated canary gold in color leading to rich aromas of yellow apples, dehydrated pears, honeycomb with faint gardenias framed by mineral notes. Refreshing texture with lush flavors of lemon curd and dried apricot married with clean acidity.

Crushed into press. Fermented by native yeasts in concrete amphora and moved to neutral barrel for malolactic. Aged for 17 months on its lees. No filtration. 20ppm SO2 at bottling.

2019 Petite Arvine Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$42.00   750mL

2019 Petite Arvine

Brilliant pale white gold in color with fresh, bright aromas of chamomile and jasmine to dried apricots and apple chips. Silky texture with pronounced acidity balances with flower and fruit flavors. A rare grape for CA, originally hails from the Vallais region of Switzerland.
Direct pressed without sulfur and cold settled overnight. Laid down to neutral wood and stainless steel barrels. Slow, cool primary fermentation over 10 months. Filtered due to incomplete malolactic and bottled with 20 ppm SO2.

2018 Grenache Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$38.00   750mL

2018 Grenache

Light, bright burgundy color packs aromas of dried cherries, pomegranate seeds, and dusty red roses. A vibrant palate with charming fruit, well -balanced tannins, mélange of dried and fresh red fruits, refreshing acidity and pronounced earthiness.

Partial carbonic maceration on the stems and without sulfur. The 2018 spent nearly a month on the skins and was lightly pressed in a basket press. Most of the wine was aged in concrete Amphora for a long malolactic fermentation with a small amount going into neutral puncheon. Aged 10 months. Filtered for clarity and stability. 20 ppm SO2 at bottling.

2017 Barbera Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$28.00   750mL

2017 Barbera

Saturated, deep purple hues share rich aromas of ripe black fruit, baking spice, black tea, earth and leather. A lush and succulent palate with pronounced acidity mitigates the medium-dry tannins with a generous finish.

Entirely destemmed and fermented in stainless steel. Gently pressed and moved to concrete Egg for slow malolactic fermentation. Racked after 9 months and moved to neutral puncheon for another 6 months. Bottled unfiltered with 30 ppm SO2.

2019 Trousseau Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$38.00   750mL

2019 Trousseau

This wine is a textbook example of the best Trousseau out there with mixed aromas of sour red berries, pine resin and an indescribable suggestion of salinity to top it all. At only 12% alcohol it is actually pretty assertive and vibrant on the palate. The sourness of the red fruit is fully revealed and framed by sharp acidity and medium dry tannins.

The yield varies greatly due to being a favorite of the local bear population. In 2019, we got a whopping 1.33 tons. It had been our desire to make this wine using carbonic fermentation and this year we had enough to fill our Concrete Egg. Joseph bucketed, all 2,666 pounds into  the Egg, and kept it sealed. It spent one month in the Egg without any opening. We shoveled it out, lightly pressed it in our basket press and combined the free run and press into neutral barrel and puncheon. The wine was racked before bottling unfined and unfiltered without the use of sulfur at any point of production.