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Single Vineyard Rosé The Lab

Single Vineyard

Ernest Vineyards specializes in site-specific wines. Each of our wines comprises grapes from one vineyard and one vineyard only. For our Ernest labels, we use grapes from seven sites in all. Some sites are well-draining, some are on hillsides. Some face west, some are considered cold-climate. We work closely with growers and vineyard managers at each site to dial-in the farming to adhere to a style that maximizes flavor ripeness while keeping sugars down and acidity high. The result: Wines that are pure expressions of the sites from which they came.
The Stocking Stuffers  15' Settler & 15' Farmer  - Ernest Vineyards
$66.00   375mL

The Stocking Stuffers
Sonoma Coast

Small enough to sneak just about anywhere... including a stocking.

2015 Farmer, Chardonnay.
The Farmer showcases the unique character of the Chardonnay Rued Z clone, including a nose of citrus, white flowers and celery salt. The palate is a bit more refined, with a subtle appearance of oak. Focused acidity and a brightness of fruit make this wine one-of-a-kind.

2015 Settler, Pinot Noir.
Aromatically clean and fresh, with notes of roses, summer cherries and red plums. The marked acidity more than efficiently carries the fresh and seductive red fruit profile of the wine throughout the entire experience.

The Dinner Party 15' Wrangler &  16' Jester - Ernest Vineyards
$100.00   750mL

The Dinner Party
Sonoma Coast

A Holiday gift for dinner tables in every home.

2016 Jester, Chardonnay.
Clear and clean with a slight green hue hinting at green apples on the nose. Fresh mountain air, Meyer lemon, and river pebbles round out the aromatics. True to the Old Wente clone, bright acidity lingers endlessly with restrained stone fruits and minerality. 

2015 Wrangler, Pinot Noir.
Dense coloration hints at the intensity of this bold and enticing Pinot Noir with intriguing sappy aromas that include wild berries, rose hips and wet earth. The palate is lush yet savory with balanced acidity and present tannins with notes of dried herbs, forest floor and a touch of tanned leather.

The Family Table  15' Grandfather & 15' Bombardier - Ernest Vineyards
$244.00   1.5L

The Family Table
Sonoma Coast

When you host the family, you may want to scale up.

2015 Bombardier, 1.5L Chardonnay.
Decadent aromas of sweet pears, melons and candied apples precede a balanced acidity akin to pineapple that freshens the notes of orange marmalade, ripe citrus and tree fruits on the palate. Sweet and sour tones are met in measure with a light caramel beeswax texture and bright notes of Meyer lemon and ripe apples on the finish.

2015 Grandfather, 1.5L Pinot Noir.
Dried cranberry, black peppercorn, river stones, dried herbs and shiitake mushroom aromas. Acidity is balanced and very well-integrated for such a young wine. The mouthfeel is silky and luscious; red fruits abound including Chinese plum and sour cranberry flavors that are perfectly married to the velvety tannins and pronounced earthy tones of the wine.

Fallenleaf Vineyard Chardonnay 2017 The Jester  - Ernest Vineyards

Fallenleaf Vineyard Chardonnay 2017
Sonoma Coast

Brilliant pale-yellow to white gold in color with mineral aromas leading to discreet floral notes, unripe peaches, nectarines, and a touch of sweet almonds. A lingering mélange of bright fruit, minerality and intense acidity provide a refreshing but weighty palate.

Cleary Ranch Pinot Noir 2017 The Settler  - Ernest Vineyards

Cleary Ranch Pinot Noir 2017
Sonoma Coast

Hues of crimson and garnet with roses, raspberries, summer cherries and crushed stones on the nose.  Subtle and assertive on the palate with a persistent rhubarb and pomegranate juiciness married with soft tannins and balanced acidity.

Grand Vent Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017 The Wrangler  - Ernest Vineyards

Grand Vent Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017
Petaluma Gap

Deep red and purple tones reveal ripe blackberries and black plums with hints of wild sage, thyme, and damp earth.  An elegant oak frame contains concentrated flavors of black fruits, plum skin, and spicy herbs, an unbashful and powerful expression of Pinot Noir.

Cleary Ranch Chardonnay 2016 The Farmer - Ernest Vineyards
$45.00   750mL

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Cleary Ranch Chardonnay 2016
Sonoma Coast

Straw colored and viscous in the glass. On the nose, this wine toes the line between green apple and preserved Meyer lemon, subtly supported by French Oak. This wine jumps from the attack of bright citrus fruit, lime blossom and kumquat, broadening ever so slightly on the mid palate before racing to a lengthy and poised finish.

Romanini Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016 The Engineer - Ernest Vineyards
$54.00   750mL

Romanini Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016
Sonoma Coast

The signature rose petal aroma of this organically-farmed site is married with summer cherries and earth in this vintage.   On the palate, bright acidity is balanced with light tannins and a very low alcohol. Sour cherries, Chinese plums, and herbal notes satisfy with delicate flavor.

Upp Road Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016 The Artist - Ernest Vineyards
$56.00   750mL

Upp Road Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016
Sonoma Coast

Bright garnet in color with intoxicating aromas of red berries, cranberry, minerality, and hints of dry grass on warm hillsides.  Intense, focused acidity on the palate with juicy summer strawberries and a nice balance of youthful tannins.

Rayhill Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016 The Grandfather - Ernest Vineyards
$69.00   750mL

Rayhill Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016
Sonoma Coast

Deep garnet color suggestive of concentrated, earthy, and leathery aromatics married with dried cherries, cassis, blackberries, and cola.  Piercing acidity followed by luscious red and black fruits with a black pepper spice and velvety tannins.  Our most powerful Pinot.

Cleary Ranch Pinot Noir 2016  The Settler - Ernest Vineyards
$58.00   750mL

Cleary Ranch Pinot Noir 2016
Sonoma Coast

The deep garnet hue of this wine belies its provenance from Dijon clones 777, 667 and 115. The Freestone aromatics begin with rose hips and flesh out to nice broad red fruit notes of Rainier cherries and Santa Rosa plums. Subtle and fresh attack with very fine tannin that supports the rolling, seductive red fruit and finishes on perfectly balanced acid. This wine pulls you into the glass.

Grand Vent Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016 The Wrangler - Ernest Vineyards
$62.00   750mL

Grand Vent Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016
Petaluma Gap

The core is deep and dense and then brightens beautifully on the edges, a hint at its site in the west Petaluma Gap where the wind is ever present. The aromatics match the density of the core, bridging the red/blue fruit spectrum. The candied bramble bush aromatics follow through on the palate with a lushness supported on firm tannin and lengthy acid.


We produce rosé under the Eugenia label; our current release, from the 2018 vintage, include two different wines. One—The Country Wife—is a rosé of cinsault, and is just like all of our other single-vineyard wines, made with grapes from one vineyard and one vineyard only. Another—The Motley—is a rosé of pinot noir, and is a blend from our very coldest pinot noir sites.
San Lucas Vineyard Rosé of Cinsault 2018 The Country Wife - Ernest Vineyards
$22.00   750mL

San Lucas Vineyard Rosé of Cinsault 2018
Central Coast

The aromas are bright and lively with lovely notes of tangerines, citrus blossoms, and minerality reminiscent of river pebbles. The acidity is tantalizingly bright with notes of Meyer lemon, clementines, kumquats, fresh pineapple, and green guava. The wine finishes as it starts with loads of energy and lingering freshness.

Rosé of Pinot Noir 2018  The Motley - Ernest Vineyards
$18.00   750mL

Rosé of Pinot Noir 2018
Sonoma Coast

Derived from Sonoma Coast pinot noir grapes, this wine notes fresh herbs, clean mountain air and tart strawberries. There’s a lingering refreshing sensation left on the palate reminiscent of citric and stone fruits and flowers. This wines shows us lovely and seductive notes of Pinot Noir while electrifying our palates with it’s zesty acidity.

The Lab

In addition to Ernest and Eugenia, we own and operate a third label: Edaphos (pronounced ee-dah-fos). It means “base,” “ground,” and “soil” in Greek; we felt it was a good expression of our attitude behind this winemaking. We consider this part of our business to be our “laboratory,” the place where we make small-lot wines that incorporate new and exciting approaches to winemaking with different styles and off-beat grape varietals. Sometimes we also call it our “sandbox.” The Edaphos strategy enables us to explore, experiment, and apply some of the lessons we learn to wines we make under our other labels. It also allows us to produce different wines whenever we feel like making them.
Aligoté 2017 Barbed Oak Vineyard - Ernest Vineyards
$36.00   750mL

Aligoté 2017
Bennett Valley

Soft straw in color with lime blossom, pomelo, and under-ripe Asian pear washed over stone on the nose.  Round, fresh citrus on the palate with an overall lightly textured and airy expression.

Barbera 2017  Madhavan Vineyard - Ernest Vineyards
$28.00   750mL

Barbera 2017
Sonoma County

A dense and opaque purple hue reveals aromatics of dark berries with Scotch broom, sage, and bay.  The volcanic soil keeps the weight and tannin in lifted balance with the acid and rich fruit.

Grenache 2017 Steel Plow Vineyard - Ernest Vineyards
$36.00   750mL

Grenache 2017
Sonoma Valley

Vinified using carbonic maceration with a subsequent period of aging in a concrete amphora, we preserved elevated aromatic compounds while delivering the purity of Grenache’s classic flavors.  The aroma is a medley of bright sour cherries, rocks, dried earth and rose hips.  A lively acidity plays with summer watermelon, dried red fruits, juicy Chinese plums and earthy spices on the palate.  The carbonic maceration lends a full and imposing mouthfeel with mild tannins and fresh, youthful acidity.

Barbera 2016 Madhavan Vineyard - Ernest Vineyards
$28.00   750mL

Barbera 2016
Sonoma Valley

Dark purple in color with classic aromatics of cedar, leather, spice, blueberries and black cherries.  The purity of acidity allows for a juicy and refreshing black fruit expression on the palate with significant structure and firm, smoky tannins.

Aligoté 2016 Barbed Oak Vineyard - Ernest Vineyards
$35.00   750mL

Aligoté 2016
Bennett Valley

Sourced from the 18-acre Barbed Oak Vineyard in Sonoma County’s Bennett Valley appellation, this small planting of Aligoté, less than one acre, is known to be perhaps only the second after Josh Jensen’s Mt. Harlan Vineyard.